Remote Video Verification Services





Remote Video Verification Services

Did you know that the Hong Kong Police categorize their response levels based on the number of false alarms reported by each customer on a yearly basis? By joining Chubb's Remote Video Verification Services, you immediately become a 'Level One' Response Customer*.

Below are the different types of responses:

Level One: Full response to a reliable alarm activation. 

Level Two: Reduced response to systems generating three false alarms within a calendar year.

Level Three: Limited response to systems generating five false alarms within a calendar year.

Level Four: No response to systems generating 10 false alarms in a calendar year.  If a system causes 10 false alarms or the key holder fails to return to reset the system within two hours in a calendar year, the system is downgraded to a Level Four response. 

With Chubb�s Remote Verification Services, we integrate our reliable electronic security and monitoring systems to help you reduce the number of false alarms to the police. Our remote verification services are: 

  • High Speed video transmission
  • Cost-effective and competitively priced
  • Real time images of your premises, thus knowing if your premises have been truly broken into. If it has, we call the police. Otherwise we contact the keyholder and the system will automatically reset the alarm.

* Subject to Crime Prevention Bureau approval. Information available on the The Hong Kong Police website.

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