Security is Simple with Chubb


AFx / NetVision

AFx LCD Keypad

AFx Control Panel


AFx is a single modular platform that brings together all the facility security management key elements. User-friendly reports are at your finger tips for updates on:

  • Auditing operator activities.
  • Time and attendance.
  • Event reports.
  • Door activities.
  • Personnel tracking.

This advanced system is also able to

  • Detect intrusion, fires and critical points.
  • Authorities are alerted when alarms are triggered from situational changes such as temperature and water levels.
  • Manage multiple types of communication simultaneously, so you can mix and match methods to optimize your network.
  • Track people and objects with your control of the camera movement. 
  • Offer the highest level of security using a variety of identity technologies such as Smartcard, Proximity and Biometric.
  • Secure floors and doors by controlling who can access which area of your premise at which time of day.
  • Show the location of the activated alarm.


  • To reap full benefits of AFx, Netvision is a software that captures digital video storage combined with video motion, enhancing your employees' security. 

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