Chubb Celebrates Two Centuries of Protecting the World



HONG KONG SAR, China, June 18th, 2018 — In 1818, two enterprising brothers, Charles and Jeremiah Chubb, invented the first and original secure lock mechanism – an innovation that started the security industry and cemented the brand's focus on innovation, safety, security and customer peace of mind. Now, 200 years later, Chubb is a globally recognised fire and security service business, building on the legacy of its founding fathers, with advancements that continue to make its technology and service solutions essential in an ever-changing world. 

"We mark this milestone in appreciation of and to honor the legacy of our founders, who pioneered our entire industry. We're very proud of where we come from and where we are today," said King-Tao Yiu, managing director, Hong Kong, Macau & Mainland China, Chubb Fire & Security. "Our success and tremendous longevity is due to the hard work, talent and loyalty of our employees, who embody the spirit established by Charles and Jeremiah Chubb. That culture and customer commitment is just as important today as it was in the beginning of the 19th century."

Chubb's accomplishments over those 200 years have been many. Here, our top 8 reasons to celebrate:

8. Worldwide presence. Chubb operates in 17 countries around the world and protects customers in more than 20, from Asia and North America to Europe.

7. Iconic installations. Chubb has helped protect some of the greatest historic and cultural landmarks, amassing an impressive list of extraordinary clients, including Westminster Abbey in London, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and more modern commercial installations like iSQUARE in Hong Kong.

6. Protecting major establishments. Also in Hong Kong and Macau, Chubb has provided fire protection services for Cathay Pacific Air Cargo Terminal and security services for ATL Logistics Centre in Hong Kong. Chubb also provided security services for Galaxy Macau entertainment complex.

5. History of innovation. Chubb pioneered such noteworthy inventions as the world's first burglar and fire-resistant safe, an electronically-operated time lock, and steel strong rooms capable of withstanding bombardment by naval gun shells.

4. Air travel. Chubb has considerable experience with customers in the air travel industry, working in some of the largest and busiest airports around the world and here at home, including the state-of-the-art Hong Kong International Airport.

3. Safeguarding the public. Chubb is nearly everywhere you want to be – from airports to shopping malls, major sporting events and even ground facilities that support space exploration – Chubb has one of the most comprehensive portfolios of fire safety and security solutions, and has provided services to some of the busiest and most important sites around the world.

2. Securing talent. Chubb's parent company, United Technologies, offers the Employee Scholar Program, one of the most comprehensive, company-sponsored employee education programs in the world. Tuition, academic fees and books are covered to pursue a degree in any field, whether or not it's related to the employee's job. To date, the company has invested $1.2 billion into the program worldwide, helping employees earn more than 39,500 degrees.

1. Making a difference. Chubb brings its excellence and expertise to Hong Kong and Macau with over 1,137 km² protected and more than 3,500 service visits per week.
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About Chubb

Chubb is a leading provider of fire safety and security solutions and services for customers worldwide. We have been protecting people and assets for over 200 years. Today, our employees in 200+ branches in 17 countries work to make the world safer, protect people and provide peace of mind. Our fire, security and monitoring services cover more than 1.0 million sites around the world. Chubb is a part of APi Group, a global, market-leading business services provider of safety and specialty services in over 500 locations worldwide. For more information, visit