Data Centers and Rooms


If a fire breaks out, early automatic fire detection is vital to ensure it is suppressed before it turns into a major fire disaster. The potential losses of electronic storage equipment as a result of poor or lack of fire detection and containment systems would be detrimental to your business.

Chubb provides fire protection strategies that prevent, detect, contain and escape fires - safely. However, the priority should be to install a reliable fire detection system that will:

  • Detect Fire: Should a fire unintentionally break out, early automatic fire detection will assist your in suppressing the fire. 
    Contain Fire: The most common waterless suppression agent used is a gas called FM200. People can be in the room for the short period of time, when used to suppress fires and it is totally benign to electronic equipment. 
    Prevent Fire: Obviously you need a fire protection system! Other measures you can put in place include carrying out a thorough risk assessment and regular fire evacuations. 
    Escape from Fire: It is critical to regularly prepare and communicate emergency action and fire prevention plans.

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