Safes and Physical Products


Since 1818, Chubb has been supplying locks and safes in various sizes and strengths to governments, banks, commercial businesses and private individuals either in their home or work place.




Sheathed in smooth steel with professional workmanship and detailed design, Chubb has a state-of-the art range of safes tailor-made to protect cash and other valuables from burglaries.  


Fire Proof Cabinets

Simply locking documents in a steel filing cabinet gives minimal protection against fire threats. Chubb has an extensive selection of fire proof cabinets specially made to protect documents from fire up to two hours.


Safe Deposit Lockers

Chubb offers a variety of locker systems that are built using the latest automated safe deposit locker technology and engineered barrier material to safeguard your valuables. 

Strong Rooms and Vaults

Chubb�s strong rooms and vaults are designed to resist all known types of oxygen cutting apparatus, cutting and impact tools, high-speed drills and explosives.

Bullet Resistant Glass

Chubb in collaboration with Romag Security Laminators has designed a composite glazing material for cash counter screens especially for the Hong Kong Security Market.