Water Extinguishers


Water Extinguishers

Wood, Paper, Textiles, Fabric

Water is still one of the most effective fire extinguishers and can be used to knock out Class A fires that involve wood, paper, textiles, fabric and flammable liquids. Chubb's water extinguishers have a cooling agent and jet type application which produces a concentrated stream that enables users to fight fires from a greater distance than the spray nozzle types.

Our range of water fire extinguishers achieves the standard fire rating of 13A and are available in both Stored Pressure (model EW9) and Cartridge Operated (model EW9C) versions.


  • Complies with BS EN 3 Kitemark standard to ensure continuous product excellence.
  • High-grade brass head assembly results in reliability while optimizing efficiency.
  • Built with coated steel levers and long drawn high grade steel body shell for optimum strength
  • The Stored Pressure model has a 15 bar working pressure that reduces the distance the user needs to be near the fire.
  • Polyester external coating adds extra protection to withstand extreme temperatures, dirty environments and UV degradation.
  • Polyethylene internal lining to fight corrosion.
  • Precision built mechanical pressure gauge provides a very accurate indication of the extinguisher's pressure status. (Stored Pressure Model EW9 only)
  • High quality application hose with brass ferrules.
  • Jet nozzle provides longer fire fighting reach.
  • Non-damaging plastic skirt.
  • Unique tamper safety pin with an OK indicator reduces accidental discharge.
  • 5 year product guarantee.