Hotline Response Solution




Hotline Response Solution

To keep up with your competitors, you need to give your customers access to you and help resolving their issues around the clock. But, providing quality hotline response is expensive and time consuming.

Building on the technological advancement and capacity of our Central Monitoring Station (CMS), we step forward to provide the Hotline Response Solution (HRS) which offers the most effective way for your business to save costs and increase customer loyalty without any capital investment.

HRS offers a complete solution to meet the needs of emergency dispatch and general customer service delivery. The solution includes emergency response, helpdesk service, order taking and referral. Operating 24 x 7 ensures your customer could reach us via the HRS whenever they need help without any delay. Far beyond messaging, Chubb staff is trained to answer each call with professionalism and to screen each scenario to determine the most appropriate action to take.

While continuing quality service, HRS allows your company to save additional costs in setting up a hotline response centre and hiring extra staff. HRS can also help monitoring the performance of respective parties via incident log, telephone recording and service report.

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